May 6th, 2011


TODO: Strich Labs launch

(yes this is a boring first-post-in-6-months, i'll post something more interesting when i'm less stressed next week ;))

Strich Labs (my electronics company) launches tomorrow at 1000ET at Maker Faire. Need to get the following done today before that!
  • Buy at least 8 outlets worth of power bar capacity
  • Buy small connector storage boxes to go in storage shelving
  • Assemble 14 more VGA Shields
  • Lunch
  • QA all VGA Shields
  • Package all VGA Shields
  • Create VGA Shield code repo on Github and upload code
  • Rework 4 failed MultiSerial shields and QA/package if working
  • Pick up HackLab.TO stickers from Artik at 1800ET
  • Add paper record printing support to StrichPOS
  • Bring up web site
  • Buy commercial license for EAGLE
  • Create change/cash tracking forms
  • Finish customizing demo case and pack it for tomorrow
  • Sleep ;)