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About May 28th, 2011

productive day, woohoo11:50 pm
So far today I've:
  • Had breakfast with lisanys
  • Went to IKEA and bought a new desk that should work a lot better than the hand-me-down I've had for many years
  • Tore down two giant boxes that were still sitting in the living room from the printer and Strich Labs packaging supplies
  • Received the delivery from IKEA of desk, bins for storage, and lighting
  • Cleared everything off of the old desk
  • Assembled the new desk
  • Installed lighting on the new desk
  • Migrated all gear from the old desk to the new one

Yay productive! Now I have a much more flexible desk arrangement with 3 vertical levels for various gear. Should work very well. The overall house-reorganizing is going well, still a lot to do in the living room, but it's getting done.
Current Mood: tired
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