SarahEmm (sarahemm) wrote,

Project 2009: Part 2

Since Project 2009 was such a huge success, and I don't want to stop working on it, so I'm continuing it pretty much unmodified through the next 12 months. Since it's not a new project (more of an extension of Project 2009), I'm going to keep calling it Project 2009 as I have been. The changes to it will be:
  • Giving myself permission to have 'rest months' now and then, where I don't have 4 different things. This past year I've been noting months that didn't have much and kind of getting annoyed at myself about them, but I do need some rest and unstressful time now and then. I'll watch to make sure I don't get into patterns of 'rest months' in a row, but once in awhile having a month without a bunch of new things is OK. :)
  • If something stays on my 'to do next month' goals for more than a month without a good reason, come up with a solid plan to get it done (by working with whatever support systems are required to do so). A couple things stayed on my 'to do next month' list for >6 months last year, and I'd rather that not happen this year.

Other than that, same project as last year, just continued. Same end-of-month posts, same doing-lots-of-new-exciting-things.
Tags: project 2009
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