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Project 2009: January/February 2010 Status Report

The last few months have been really busy for me, and I missed the status report at the end of January. So here's one for both months! Here's the new/hard things I accomplished in the past two months:
  • Went to a workshop at Further Confusion on spinning (poi specifically). Was really, really hard to be there and was stressed and having trouble doing even simple moves I already knew, but stuck with it despite the stressyness and learned three beat weave (finally)!
  • Went back to seeing my old GP, as she is back from maternity leave and knows a lot more about dealing with HRT than my temporary doctor had. She is the one who triggered me very badly ED-wise though, which lead to me getting very, very bad anorexia-wise a couple years back. I have a much better support system in place now though, and am confident that I'll deal with it even if I do get triggered. We're working on getting my HRT sorted back out and trying to get my hormone levels back to normal again (though my body is resisting anything close to normal thusfar).
  • Stuck with lead climbing and worked continually at getting over my fear, even when it felt like I wasn't getting anywhere. I'm having similar problems lead climbing that I did at first when I started toproping, and it's been very hard for me to get far off the ground due to the distance a fall would be. I've been working almost exclusively at leading the last few times we've been at the gym, and am making good progress now! Working on 5.6/5.7 routes to get my confidence up, and actually managing to send them on lead. Will be a long process, but it's really really fun and exciting. Yay climbing!

Goals for the next month:
  • My GP should have sent a referral to my audi for a hearing test, so book the appointment and go do it. If I haven't done this by next therp session (a week and a bit away) then talk to her about how to get it done.
  • File the last of my divorce paperwork. I'm (finally) getting a couple days off this month to make up for all the OT I've been working, so I'm going to do it during one of those days.
  • Book my last couple driving lessons.
  • If NMCA gets back outside in March, go to one of the circus jams. If they don't, then it'll be next month (whenever the first outside one is).

Random other non-Project 2009 worthy things I've been doing the last couple months:
  • Completed a huge migration to Linux at work, very successfully.
  • Received my first set of BatchPCB custom circuit boards and completed assembly and troubleshooting of the first one.
  • Spent a lot of time at HackLab.TO working on electronics projects (like the MultiSerial Shield referenced above)
  • Learned to use the laser engraver/cutter at Hacklab.TO and learn how g-code works to drive it.
  • Bought tickets for Burning Man 2010.
  • Got asked to work FC2011 as Business Director again (and accepted).
  • Got a much larger than expected bonus and raise at work.
  • Got bloodwork done again for hormone levels (and the results are even worse than before, doh).
  • Hurt my wrist working on a hard climb on lead, and it's looking like I'll need at least a week off to recover. Doh!
Tags: climbing, driving,, hearing, project 2009, queer, spinning, trans
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