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Decided to take today off because I've been working a lot lately and my boss told me to take some time off. Yay!
Hopefully I can get the following done:
  • (0800) Breakfast done!
  • (0845) Pay CRA $2000 more of what I owe them. done!
  • (0900) Get clean done!
  • (0945) Call CRA to get my current balance owing. done!
  • (1000) Empty dishwasher and refill with any dishes in the kitchen requiring cleaning done!
  • (1015) Go to Plastic World and pick up some coloured acrylic to see if I can make lamacoids using the lab's lazzor cutter. done!
  • (1215) Put up fire-related signage on exit and extinguishers at the lab and update Operations section of the wiki to indicate it's done. done!
  • (1230) Lunch done!
  • (1315) Pick up snacks and a new paw-squeezey-thing from MEC done!
  • (1330) Post LJ entry with the projects I've been working on lately.
  • (1345) Sort out the state machine machine required for BlinkieNet.
  • (1600) Go traverse at Rock Oasis and see how my wrist is healing.
  • (1800) Dinner

Should be a nice relaxing day off. ;)
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