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Project 2009: March/April 2010 Status Report

Another two month status report for March/April 2010! :)
  • Finally called my audiologist and booked/went to an appointment (and then some). Had been avoiding that for a year or so now, so it's really good to get it done. It will surprise no one (no one who's been around me lately anyway) that my hearing has declined significantly in the last 4 years (which was the last time I saw my audi). She patched me up as best she could with my existing "equipment" (plugged up the vents in my molds and reprogrammed my aids), and I should have new molds next week or the week after that. Will be a big change since we're changing to bigger tubing and bigger molds, and it's going to take a lot of getting used to. Having earmolds that actually fit well will be really nice though!
  • Saw my GP for a physical. It had been a few years since my last one (during which she triggered me badly, which started my most recent bout with anorexia), and is good to get it done with.
  • Visited a new climbing gym as a spectator at a climbing competition! Was way scary going in, but turned out to be really fun. Will have to do similar things again :)
  • Climbed at said new climbing gym with chirik and lisanys. My wrist wasn't bothering me much at all that day, which was nice! Explored the new gym a bunch, and did some really fun climbs. The new gym (True North Climbing) is very nifty, and reminds me a lot of Planet Granite. We're talking about doing one day a week there once I'm back up to a normal climbing schedule.
  • Began working on starting a small business, Strich Labs, to sell some of the electronics I've been working on. There's so much to do, even for a simple setup! Have completed a lot, and still have a lot to do before I'm ready to officially open.

Goals for the next month:
  • Work out a plan with my therp to get to an NMCA jam. Will likely involve getting there way early so I'm not trying to join a large group of people that already know each other.
  • File the last of my divorce paperwork. I've sorted out what exactly needs to be done, but need a half day off to go do it. Will see about taking a half day when I get my new earmolds, and go to court before/after that appointment.
  • Talk to my therp about the fact that I'm avoiding booking my last driving lessons, and figure out how to get back to it. I really want to be able to get to places not on transit, but it's been really, really hard to deal with driving, and I've been avoiding booking more lessons for months now.
  • Get back to climbing on a regular schedule, and start working on leading again.

Random other non-Project 2009 worthy things I've been doing the last couple months:
  • Became the Operations Offier at HackLab.TO, responsible for day-to-day running of the lab. Yay!
  • Continued to spend a lot of time at HackLab.TO working on electronics projects and the laser engraver. (thanks to owen for the photos of kitriches!)
  • Got another (unexpected) bonus at work for being an integral part of the team that completed a major Linux migration.
  • Got bloodwork done again for hormone levels (and the results are even worse than before, doh).
  • Started climbing again after recovering from hurting my wrist, pushed myself too hard, and my wrist started bothering me again. Decided one day a week is what I need to do for now, and work my way back up to 2 or 3 days a week. I miss climbing a lot!
Tags: climbing,, health, hearing, project 2009
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