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early morning life update

I've been slacking on posting again, doh! I'm awake ridiculously early on a Saturday because of work, so figured I might as well postify.
My wrist is pretty much healed completely now (woot!) and we're back to climbing twice a week every week (woot!). Before I hurt myself we were climbing 2/3 times a week (3 when time allowed) at Rock Oasis, but since then a new gym has opened up in the north of the city nearer to where we live, True North, so we've been climbing there on Fridays instead of at Oasis. Having some motivation trouble climbing lately though (doh) and not entirely sure why, just not 'into it' a lot of the time. Really hard routes are still fun though, so trying to focus on lower harder routes. Somehow i'm just getting bored on higher easier routes, not sure what's changed. Haven't been leading lately because we only lead at Rock Oasis (not True North where we climb on Fridays) and in the summer it's crazy hot there which means my balance falls apart and I have trouble climbing on top-rope, let alone lead belaying. Hopefully my body can get used to the heat again like I did last summer, and I'll regain balance-ness.

Our house reorganization is really coming along, the living room is looking way better than it did a couple months ago. I moved the rack earlier in the week (we have an HP 42U rack in the living room to house server gear and such) to another corner and tore down a big table that we had here, and yesterday our new TV arrived. First new TV I've ever owned, and a bit of an improvement over the 10" black-and-white one that my last TV was. :) It's weird to own a TV after not for so long, but it's really more like a big monitor as we don't actually have cable/satellite/anything like that, but have/will have game consoles and a computer hooked up to it.

Work is work, not really enjoying it lately (understatement) but getting by. The last few weeks have been setting up almost exactly the same thing over and over and over and over again. Not exactly the same so I could script it, just different enough that i have to do most of it by hand. Doh. Keep pondering jobsearching again but undecided on it still. Things seem to go through better/worse periods at any job, so hopefully this worse period will end soon. Also I haven't really had a proper weekend in awhile, have maintenance pretty much every sunday morning at midnight, was in the office last Saturday for a few hours, and got woken up at 4 then 5:30 today with stupid issues that people should be able to solve on their own. Paging me at 0400 on a Saturday to ask if I'm sure I submitted all the right ports in the firewall request (not because something isn't working, just to check in)is annoying.

HRT is still completely screwed up. Post-Burn last year I decided to try to switch off of weekly IM shots and onto oral (to avoid needing to deal with weekly IM needles, for which nothing like an autoinjector is available), and it's been a lot more trouble than I'd expected. E is as high as we can make it (on this formulation anyway), and I'm still raising spiro. So far every time I raise my antiandrogen dose my T level goes up. Umm, you're doing it wrong body! Antiandrogens reduce androgens. :P Still working on it, if we reach max spiro with no major improvement then I get to decide between an orchi (which for many reasons I'm not wanting) and going back on shots. Likely will decide to just go back to shots if that's the case and see if I can work on dealing with them better in therapy. Zapping is going extremely well at least, doing half an hour a week and have been since January. It's really good to see visible progress again! Also discovered a couple weeks back that it's a lot easier for me to tolerate it without EMLA. With it my senses are dulled too much to be able to (as Lisa calls it) 'reprogram' my nervous system to interpret it as not-bad-pain, but without any anesthetic I can successfully do so, and get a lot more work done in hard areas each session.

HackLab.TO is awesome and nifty and fun. I got elected (well, defaulted as nobody else applied!) onto the board a few weeks ago, and we had our first AGM last wekeend. Fun stuff. Then, early this week, one of our members got arrested in all the G20 hysteria. Next open-house at the lab should be fun. Have been working on my BIRD project again (braille eBook reader that takes books off SD cards and displays them to a USB-connected display) which is fun, hope to get PCBs made in the next couple weeks. Have also been working on about 8 other projects which I rapidly context-switch between, which Lisa teases me about endlessly. :P

Burning Man prep is starting to get more pressing, only 9 weeks and 2 days (or so) until we're back on the playa! Soooooo excited/can't wait. The theme this year is Metropolis, so we're working on making a bunch of playa-themed street signs to put up. Found a supplier of street sign blanks which would ship to a non-municipality in Canada (us) and received them yesterday. Have cut out a bunch of stencils out of acrylic using the lab's CO2 laser cutter (which is awesome), and hopefully tomorrow will get to paint the first signs.

Eating continues to be pretty much a non-issue (in that I'm eating well, not in that I'm not eating ;P). Have been recovered for well over a year now, and my weight has been very stable for at least the last 9 months. Woot. :)

Think that's about it for now, lisanys is up so I should start my day and have breakfast and go climb things!
Tags: burning man, climbing,, hrt, queer, trans
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