SarahEmm (sarahemm) wrote,

BIRD! (not the featherey kind)

schematic of my braille ebook reader
PCB layout of my braille ebook reader
(it's my braille ebook reader schematic/PCB layout)

It's getting there! Revision 1 schematic is done and PCB is 100% routed (but has some messyness to clean up, thermal design to complete, and silkscreening to finish), hopefully can send it off to a board house later on this week or next weekend. Once I find a board house that can/will do 6mil traces on prototype quantities. I've normally used BatchPCB, but they can only do down to 8mil and the smallest chip on this board (the fuel gauge IC) has pins that are too close together to get away with 8mil traces. Doh! Looking at MyRO PCB as recommended by another hacklabber.
Tags: bird, braille, electronics
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